Sunday, January 9, 2005

mod_speedyfeed 0.06 - Bugfix Release

It's been way too long since I played with this stuff, but here's a new release of mod_speedyfeed.

The primary changes are to fix a bug Kellan (of found with the If-Modified-Since support. It didn't work when you sent multiple fragments in your If-Modified-Since header, and quotes around the If-Modified-Since value would confuse it. I'm not sure if the quotes are really legal, but supporting them was trivial once I had the code to fix the first problem, so now quoting the value works.

There are also some fixes to the tests on systems with older Apache::Test installs or versions of Apache that don't include atom in their default mime.types file.

Get it while it's hot, at the usual place.

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  1. Cool!
    Btw. I'm a long, long time (do I have that many fingers?) CVS user/partisan, who is finding the transition to SVN painful. "Version Control with Subversion" left me cold, but I'm hoping that "Practical Subversion" which should arrive next week will help me understand why all the smart people around me are making the transition.