Saturday, January 22, 2005

Should Have Stayed In San Mateo...

So as we left JFK this morning it seemed clear that everyone was thinking just about the same thing...

We should have stayed in San Mateo.

But no, we shifted plans around at the last minute yesterday and flew out right after work, ending up getting in to JFK at about 5AM this morning, all in an attempt to avoid flying right into the snow storm that's currently hitting the north east. I must say, it's impressive watching Mark and Kan make travel plans at the last minute, they've clearly done this far too many times.

The week in San Mateo was a good one though, I got to spend a lot of time with the team out there, which is a good thing since I'm going to be working with them closely in the future. I also got to hang out with Louis and Chris, which is always fun, those guys are far too amusing to live so far away, something needs to be done about that.

Anyway, now that I'm back in the frigid north east I'm going to have to return to my policy of avoiding the outdoors at all costs, it's just too damn cold out there. At least I don't have anywhere to go for the rest of the weekend...


  1. Do you actually shovel your car out these days or leave it festering under 2 feet of brown snow for a month or so?

  2. I shovel it out, mainly because I have to get to work and it's too cold to walk. If I could get away with leaving the car under the snow I'd totally do it. Wow, yet another example of how I'm completely unqualified for adulthood.