Sunday, June 16, 2002


So I finished up USENIX and headed up to Cupertino with Louis yesterday. He took me on a tour of Apple, which was really cool. Lots of macs, as expected, plus some really cool people. It was fun.

Today, we hung out with Chris a bit and I got to meet some random people who work at Apple who I had previously only known as email addresses on Darwin mailing lists. That was really cool.

Then, I spent an annoying amount of time trying to rent a car, and ended up having to call the American Express travel people and have them work it all out, because I, being underaged, was not able to rent a car from the few places I called. Fortunately, it turns out that National lets you rent cars for like 10 bucks extra if you're under 25, which still sucks, but I was able to bill it to work, which is better than nothing.

Now to help set up Subversion for Louis.