Thursday, October 24, 2002

The Hissing!

so i have 3 radiators in my apartment, and since they turned the heat on, all of them have been hissing, to one extent or another.

the one in my bedroom was the worst, and the superintendent fixed that (granted, it was after i started to actually see steam, but whatever).

the other two were annoying, but not overwhelmingly so. the guy had told me to call and have someone look at the others later, since he hadn't brought the correct parts to do it then (and it was late).

today, someone was supposed to come by to handle the other two. they appear to have fixed the one in the kitchen (which i couldn't care less about, i spend like 0 time in the kitchen), but the one in the living room is actually worse.

and the person i talked to today says he'll have someone come by tomorrow to fix the other one.

sure he will.