Monday, December 29, 2003

Suggestions Welcome

So I'm going to be in Boston for the traditional PsiU alumni new year's party, and since I never get around to taking time off from work I decided to take the day before and a few days after off. Basically I'll be heading up to MA on tuesday night and I'le be driving back to CT on sunday night.

So (when I'm not working feverishly on the book) I'll be hanging around with some time to kill...

Anyway, the real question is: what should I do when I'm there?

There are at least one or two friends of mine who are going to be around, so I'll probably be able to scrounge up a few co-conspirators for whatever evil plan I come up with, but so far I'm totally stumped as to what we should do.

I mean come on, there HAS to be something interesting we could do in a city as cool as Boston, right?


Any ideas?


  1. Call it a hunch, but i have a feeling we're a little shorthanded in our QA department. Care to lend a hand, just for old time's sake?

  2. we could use some slave labor too. my company doesn't seem too keen on paying it's employees and you're used to working for nothing, right? ;-)
    seriously, though, i'd suggest probably walking the freedom trail. you can see a lot of cool stuff that way -- the old state house, the north church, old ironsides, paul revere's house, etc. shows in the theater district -- blue man group rules if you haven't seen it yet. umm.. take a duck tour. you also might find a good show playing on landsdowne some night.

  3. there is always the possibility of driving somewhere else...