Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Morning's Amusements

Just a few things that popped up in my morning weblog reading, so I thought I'd share...

First, Tim Bray posted his first cut at the API for his Genx XML Writer C library. My first impression is that it looks simple, easy to use, and it will be quite useful when it's done. I'm already thinking about how I can wrap it up in a C++ API so I can use it at work.

Second, Justin points to an article on how to criticize computer scientists. Makes me wish I was back in school again...

Oh, and for those who were curious how my writing went this weekend, I made it through about 85% of the chapter I was meaning to finish. I got hung up at the end by the fact that I ran into a section of Subversion that I didn't understand all that well, and I had to slow down and actually think for a while before I could write anything that made sense.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up tonight, and then move on to the first appendix, which would put me just about on target to actually meet a deadline for a change!