Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Scared Out Of My Mind

Well, all the cool kids are talking about their OSCON talks, so I suppose I should as well.

I submitted two proposals this year, and to my surprise both were accepted, so barring some kind of catastrophe I'll be speaking about "Using the Apache Portable Runtime in a non-httpd Application" and "Subversion Best Practices" in Portland this summer.

Both talks will be based largely on my experience from watching and participating in Subversion development, on one hand covering the issues we've dealt with regarding using APR in a large cross platform application, and on the other in how to use Subversion itself most effectively. In both cases I think we've learned a lot over the years, and hopefully this will let others benefit from our experience.

It goes without saying that I'm both excited and terrified, especially since I now have two talks to prepare when I had sort of planned on one at the most, but I'm sure I'll find time to prepare for both, and judging from last year it should be a lot of fun.

So anyway, if you're not doing anything July 26-30, feel free to join me in Portland!