Monday, April 26, 2004

The Dark Side of TiVo

You know, TiVo has a dark side.

When you stop watching the stuff TiVo has recorded for you, say for a little more than a week, perhaps because you're alternating between watching season 5 of Babylon 5 and working on a chapter of a book, you end up with a huge backlog of good TV that you really want to watch, but you can never find the time to get through it all.

Curse you TiVo!


  1. You just have to start skipping work. ;-)

  2. Hmm, what's all this good stuff you're recording? We can hold around 80 hours of crap at high quality on ours, and I still feel like there's nothing to watch. I could use some suggestions.

  3. My latest kick has been "How to boil water"... Who doesn't dream of having a cute french guy lead them around the kitchen? Other than that, we just stockpile movies...