Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Just a few random notes from my life over the past week or so...

  • Framemaker is considerably pickier than xsltproc and the Docbook XSL stylesheets. This means it's considerably more of a pain in the ass to import my book into Framemaker than one would think, considering that the book is written in Docbook and Framemaker supports Docbook...
  • Coldstone Creamery rules. Any ice crean store where the employees will sing for tips is just damn cool.
  • Apparently the Emacs people fixed whatever bug was screwing up syntax highlighting after using nxml-mode.
  • The readdir implementation on Mac OS X can bite me.
  • My parent's beach house looks totally different (and damn nice) with it's new deck.
  • In related news, my Dad's friends who actually built the deck are just too damn good at estimating, both in the amount of time it would take to build and in how much raw material would be required. If I could estimate half as well at my job I'd be a god.