Monday, July 26, 2004

OSCON 2004 Day 0

Ok, so I'm actually posting this on monday morning, but anyway...

Got up at the crack of dawn and made my way to the airport to catch my 7:45 flight. Was running a bit late, as usual.

Got there to find that the long term parking lot was full, so I had to make my way to another lot. Ok, now I'm later.

Went to the wrong terminal. Ok, now I'm later.

Finally got to the ticket counter and it appears that the "i don't want to interact with a human being" kiosks are busted, and there's this giant line. Why is there a giant line? Because my flight has been delayed 3 hours, and all the people from the flight are in line waiting to work out where and when they'll be flying out.

So I spend like an hour waiting in line and finally a very nice woman moves me to a different flight leaving at around 11:30 and heading to Denver, where I can get a connecting flight to Portland.

Spend the next 2-3 hours sitting by the gate getting progressively more annoyed at LGA's wireless network, which refused to allow me to log on. Drained my laptop's battery in the attempt and didn't get much work done.

Flew to Denver.

Spent 1-2 hours waiting for my flight in Denver, which also had a flaky wireless network, although this time I was able to actually connect to the network long enough to check my mail. Ran into a cluster of OSCON people, all of who's names I have since forgotten because I am a bad person.

Got on the plane to Portland and who do I see as I wander by but Casey West. Oddly enough, Casey also happened to be on the plane I took into Portland for OSCON last year.

Actually managed to get some work done on the plane to Portland, since I was able to charge the batteries in Denver.

Got to Portland, got my stuff, and took the MAX light rail into the city, spent most of the time on the train talking to Casey about various and sundry things. He is an interesting individual.

Got to the hotel, checked in, went up to the speaker registration and registered, hung out on IRC and found that all the other Subversion people I was hoping to hang out with are either missing in action or not getting into town for a day or two. Grabbed some quick dinner at the hotel bar and decided the best thing to do was just to crash early so I'm not jet-lagged for the tutorials tomorrow.

And there we are. Now I'm writing this entry because it's really pretty early Portland time and I'm wide awake.