Sunday, August 1, 2004

OSCON 2004 Day 6

The final day of OSCON was basically just the flight back.

I hung around the hotel in the morning, ran into a few people at breakfast, but basically I was just waiting to leave.

On the way to the airport I rode with one of the Postgres guys, although I never got his name. Had a fairly interesting conversation though, until he got caught in a conversation with someone who called his cell. I hate cell phones.

While waiting for the flight back I discovered that Casey West and Ricardo Signes were on the same flight. We talked about various OSCON related things while waiting for the flight to leave, and it seems that everyone had a great time at the conference. Casey showed me a new perl module he's working on for threading email, with a new algorithm that should be faster than the standard JWZ threading algorithm (it's 1 pass instead of 2 like JWZ's).

The movie on the plane was Jersey Girl, which kind of surprised me. Never thought I'd see a Kevin Smith movie on a plane, but I guess this one is more kid appropriate than the rest.

After the movie Casey and I took advantage of our airport cards and SubEthaEdit to pair program, working on some of the code for his new module. It worked quite well, despite the fact that we were sitting in separate parts of the plane. RJBS was too far back though, and kept getting cut off when he tried to connect to the ad-hoc network we had going.

I just barely made it to my next flight in chicago (15 whole minutes between flights!), and finally got home around 2AM.

It was a heck of a good conference, but I'm glad to be home.