Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Books I Plan To Read

A while back I posted my "recommended reading" list.

Basically all the best technical books I could think of at the time.

Today, I want to talk about something a little different. This is the list of books that are coming out in the reasonably near future that I see as likely to make their way onto that list.

  • Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (2nd Edition) - the first edition made my original list, but it's absolutely due for an update, so pick up the new one when it hits the streets.
  • Higher Order Perl - Mark-Jason Dominus is a fantastic speaker, top-notch programmer, and generally a very interesting guy. I've been reading the mailing list associated with this book for a while now, and he's put a ton of work into it. Even if you're not a perl programmer I suggest reading it, the techniques he discusses here are applicable to many languages, and they'll make you a better programmer.
  • Practical Common Lisp - I've always thought Lisp was interesting, but never had a chance to learn it, at least not until I found the online version of this book. I'm absolutely going to pick up the dead-tree version as soon as possible, even though I already read most of it, it's just that good.

Anyway, that's the current "Oh my $DIETY I must read this when it comes out" list, enjoy.