Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Moving Sucks

So, the process of moving into the new place continues.

The end of last week was basically totally consumed by helping Rob and Jess get all their crap out of their old apartment and into the new one. This was complicated somewhat by the fact that we couldn't actually move things into the third floor of the new place, because it was still in the process of being repainted. We finally finished getting the last of their stuff moved at like 11:00 on friday night, and there was much rejoicing...

Except that at that point we had simply managed to completely fill the first floor of the new place with stuff, to the point where you couldn't even sit down because all couches and chairs were completely surrounded by boxes.

On the bright side, the appointment with the cable guy went perfectly, he showed up on time, ran a cable into the room that needed one, and by 10:00 Friday morning we had cable, internet, and a phone line. I remain shocked.

Anyway, on Saturday morning we finally said the hell with it, and headed down to the Jersey shore to spend the weekend at Tracey's parents' place. Much fun was had by all, and I managed to kick the ass of the claw machines at the boardwalk arcade, coming home with a stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog, Stewie from The Family Guy, and three out of the five colors of stuffed M&Ms. I'm still bitter that I didn't get the last two of them...

Unfortunately, while I did take home a pile of stuffed animals, at some point during the weekend I appear to have lost my car keys. Hopefully they'll surface someplace Tracey can find them. At least I had a spare lying around.

Now we're back up in MA again, and the apartment is finally starting to take shape. It's still unclear if the third floor is open for business, but we've managed to start making a dent in the first floor pile of crap, to the point where you can now reach the TV and at least some of the chairs. Rob even managed to get his desk assembled, so I now have a place to work from during the day, at least until I manage to make a trip to IKEA and pick up my own...

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