Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Speedyfeed Moves To The Labs

So, a while back I spent some time playing with mod_speedyfeed, an Apache module that let you filter your atom feeds as they were being served, removing entries that the client had already seen. It never really got finished (although it did work), and now it's rather out of date, doesn't support current versions of atom, etc. Additionally, it never really grew a user or developer base other than myself, so it's pretty much just a mostly abandoned experiment.

Anyway, since we recently kicked off the Apache Labs, a place at the ASF for Apache committers to play around with experimental projects that may or may not actually grow into something that develops a community, I figured that speedyfeed would be a perfect candidate. The rest of the labs people agreed, so I moved it over. You can now find it in svn at

In addition to the somewhat out of date mod_speedyfeed (which I will be updating real soon now, I promise!) there's also a prototype of a java servlet version, which is built on top of Apache Abdera. I've been messing around with that off and on over the past week or two, hopefully it'll turn into something useful eventually.

Anyway, just figured I should blog about it, since if people search for mod_speedyfeed it would be nice if there was a pointer out there to its current home.