Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Wet Week

So, this weekend (and much of the past week) has revolved largely around rain.

I had tickets to the Red Sox/Braves game on Wednesday. Amusingly, Joanna's parents also had tickets, and since they generally drive in for games we hitched a ride with them, hoping against hope that the rain would let up and we'd actually get to see a game. Naturally, the game was postponed before we even got out of the car, and it was rescheduled for the next day when neither of us was able to make it. Grr.

Fortunately, I also had tickets for the game on Friday night, so all was not lost. Of course, that game was also rained out. On the bright side we found out about it before we left for the game. With our initial plans for the evening shot we decided to head into Boston and catch a showing of Shear Madness, which while not baseball was pretty awesome.

Now in theory Saturday was already booked. There was supposed to be a birthday party during the day for a friend's kid and that night JJ and Donna were coming into town and we were all going to see the John Gorka concert in Framingham. The rain had its way with these plans though, and the party was pushed back to Sunday and the baseball game we were supposed to see on Friday night was rescheduled for Saturday night.

In practice, we ended up hanging out watching the first Red Sox game (which went quite swimmingly, Dice-K really did a number on the Braves) because the birthday party had been postponed due to rain and then spent way too long waiting for the T trying to get in to Fenway for that night's game. For some yet to be explained reason all the trains going in were single cars that were totally and completely packed, so we spent quite some time waiting at the Newton Centre T stop watching trains go bye, and then a rather uncomfortable trip in to Fenway becoming far too friendly with the portion of the baseball loving public who managed to cram themselves into that train with us.

Eventually we did make it to the game though, and despite precipitation that ranged from mist to out and out rain the game did actually happen. Of course, we'd really have preferred that it not since the Braves proceeded to crush the Red Sox. I did manage to put my new 70-300 f4-5.6 IS lens to good use, with the end result being the following flickr set. I particularly like the shots of Wally wearing his rain coat and Ortiz walking away from the plate after striking out.

On Sunday the rain did finally let up a bit, and the postponed birthday party actually happened. Let's just hope that this is the start of a week that isn't completely and totally controlled by rain!