Wednesday, June 6, 2007


So last night I happened to run across mod_wsgi. Very slick stuff.

Looks like a great way to get a simple python web app up and running with less overhead than mod_python. The documentation is quite comprehensive, the code is short and well commented, and there's an awful lot of interesting functionality here.

One thing that struck me as particularly interesting was the code for managing a fastcgi-like pool of daemon processes to do the actual work. It's an optional feature for mod_wsgi, but the code seems to be reasonably well fleshed out, and if any of us ever get back to working on mod_proxy_fcgi we'll have to track down the mod_wsgi author and see if he'd be willing to let us base our daemon support on his code.

Anyway, just something to file under "neat stuff to look at when I get the time"...

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  1. Hi Garrett, just saw your reference to daemon mode. We're using it and it's definitely worked very well. About "tracking down the mod_wsgi author". He's Graham Dumpleton, and he's a really good guy -- I can't speak for him, of course, but I reckon he'd be very helpful if you do look at basing your code on his mod_wsgi code.
    Oh, and a plug: if you like mod_wsgi enough to contribute, Graham's set up a donations project where you can donate to him via our site, microPledge: