Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Furry Visitor

Joanna's parents are out of town this week, so we're dogsitting.

It has become somewhat clear that our house is not well equipped for a dog. There are far too many things at mouth level, so Sierra keeps ending up chewing on things that really shouldn't be chewed on. It's not her fault though, I mean she is a dog, and she at least makes up for it by being really cute.

Particularly amusing is when she stands over the vents in the floor looking down into the heating system. She seems convinced that there's something interesting down there, and if she looks hard enough she'll find a way in. Similarly she is very very interested in finding a way up into the loft above our bedroom that doesn't involve the not-available-to-dogs spiral staircase. There isn't actually another way up, but that hasn't kept her from devoting some serious time to the problem, when she hasn't been occupied with sniffing every square inch of the house.