Sunday, August 10, 2008

Minor League Fun

So Joanna and I went to the "Futures at Fenway" double header yesterday.

Well, we went to the first 15 innings of it anyway, the first game (Lowell Spinners versus the Hudson Valley Renegades) went 12 innings until Lowell managed to drive in the game winning run with a bases loaded single, and since we're dog sitting this weekend and needed to get home in a fairly reasonable time we decided to bail early on the Paw Sox. We figured that we were going to have to leave early in order to get home in time to let the dog out before her bladder exploded, and if we weren't going to be able to stay until the end of the game we might as well bail after the third inning, since at that point we'd been sitting in the sun for over 5 hours.

In any event, things we learned from the game:
  1. Man Fenway park really lets you get up close and personal with the players. We had seats a few rows back from the visitor's duggout, and it's astonishing how close that really is to the action. It's easy to lose track of that from the bleachers or grandstand seats we usually end up in for Red Sox games.
  2. Minor league games are fun, although the number of silly games and distractions they did between innings for the first game were a bit much in my opinion. I mean are people there to watch baseball or to see some kids dance with the mascots?
  3. Wow the single A players look young. The triple A guys look pretty much the same as any major league player, but the single A guys look like they're practically right out of high school.
  4. This is probably the most cost effective way to see a game in Fenway park from the really nice seats. We payed 30 bucks a ticket for our seats on stub hub (face value was 20), and the closest equivalent seats I can find there for the next Red Sox home game are over 400 dollars each.

Anyway, well worth the money, and a good time was definitely had. I'll post some pictures on Flickr once I've had a chance to get them off my camera.