Saturday, July 13, 2002


chimera is cool. i'm posting this with a nightly build, and it seems quite a bit nicer than the last time i tried it. all the little annoyances that pissed me off seem to be gone.

MT 2.21 seems to be a worthwhile improvement on the previous version. a few new tweaks, and i haven't seen any of those annoying 404 errors when rebuilding sites, which is quite nice. this is one of those applications that i'm perfectly willing to shell out a few bucks for, simply because there's no way in hell i'll ever be motivated enough to work on it myself. web apps just aren't any fun.

and now i'm off to troy for the alumni meeting. i don't believe i'm driving this far for a boring, micromanaged meeting where nothing will get done. i must be an idiot. at least there's a party after, although the party is in boylston MA, so i'm in for just a little too much driving today, but i'll survive.