Tuesday, July 30, 2002


so one of my higher ups at $COMPANY ran across one of my archive'd weblog entries where i had mentioned the company name. apparently it came up in a google search or something. on the same page i had also bitched about some stuff at work, and he was of the opinion that it could be taken the wrong way by some random customer of ours who ran across it, and so he asked me to go remove the mention of $COMPANY's name. so now i'm about to go remove it.

this really sucks, since i don't like the idea of censoring myself on my own personal web page, but i can sort of see his point, and it's always a good idea to stay on good terms with the higher ups, so i suppose i'll just play along and be a nice little worker bee.

i'm kind of curious what kind of google search he was doing though, because when i do a search on the company name, my page doesn't seem to be anywhere near the top... i can do a much more specific search (say $COMPANY and rooneg) and get it, but that's about it....


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