Monday, September 9, 2002

#include <witty title here>

isn't it just a little depressing that my blog only has three categories?

work, general, and coding. is that all my life is made up of?

of course, general could be broken up into other categories...

friends. love (a rather dull category these days, unless you count ex-girlfriends who occasionally get themselves stuck in my head for no adequately explained reason (i wonder if any of them read this... maybe. probably not though...)). family. rants. i'm sure there are others.

but when i started this thing, i lumped it all into 'general'.

even more proof that i need to get a life.

i'm still not overly happy with life in stamford.

i don't have any really good reason for this, i mean i've got a good job, working with (mostly) cool people. i have some reasonably good friends (hell, they'd likely be great friends if i didn't spend most of my time succumbing to my techno-geek reclusive tendencies), there's a million things to do if i just went out to find it, but still...

i keep dwelling on the negative things about living here.

everything is really fucking expensive. i pay way too much for rent. i could solve this problem by moving somewhere cheaper, but then i'd be living in the middle of nowhere and spending my life commuting, which i would hate.

the only place you can really find something interesting to do is in the city, which means an hour there and an hour back on the train. when you move here, they tell you 'and NYC is just a short train ride away', but for me, it's a long enough ride that it makes it annoying enough that i hardly ever do it.

worst of all, most of my really close friends are elsewhere. there's godfrc, but she's got jettea, and i /hate/ doing the third wheel thing. other than her though, everyone's either back in troy, or out in/near boston, or scattered across the country here and there. i really miss them all. this becomes more and more clear every time i see them. it seems like every other weekend i end up hanging out with the old crew for one reason or another, and having a great time, and then i come back here and get annoyed that i can't do that all the time.

ok, i'll stop now, because i'm just bitching at this point, and it isn't going to solve anything.

but thanks (whoever you are) for letting me vent for a bit.

i needed that.