Sunday, September 8, 2002


it's been a reasonably slow weekend.

i didn't get the work done that i intended to, since for some reason i couldn't VPN in this afternoon. i don't know what was up with it, since i was able to connect in the morning just fine. the only thing i can think of is that i upgraded the firmware on the wireless router (which has apparently stopped it from locking up), and perhaps that is interacting oddly with the VPN stuff. i will have to investigate further, since i kind of need to be able to VPN in from home...

instead i ended up playing with subversion's build system, with the end result being that you can now turn off the building of the swig bindings. as a bonus, you can also specify an alternative swig, which i don't particularly need, but other people asked for.

i also picked up 'super mario sunshine', which has a stupid title, but is a reasonably fun game. i'm pretty bad at it, but i think i'm improving, slowly...

then i hung out at JATKINS' place tonight, and played trivial pursuit. i lost, but it was a good time. he's been having these sunday night 'games night' things for a while, and this is the first time i've been able to go. i think i'll definately be going again in the future, assuming i'm in town on sunday night.