Tuesday, June 17, 2003


so i've been playing around with ruby recently, since i want to try using a higher level language than C or C++ for some stuff at work (ok, i admit it, i'm tired of debugging memory corruption problems, and i'd LOVE the chance to isolate low level memory management to a small portion of the code i have to deal with). i already know that ruby was damn cool, but wow, it is just entirely too easy to put together a ruby wrapper around an existing C API, throw a script around it, and get a useful application. it's a good thing everyone gets scared off by the fact that a disturbing amount of ruby's documentation is in broken english (if it's in english at all) due to the fact that it's development community is largely japanese, otherwise they'd all be over it, and i wouldn't be able to look like a miracle worker by using it to make my projects easier than they have any right being ;-)

now i just need matz to finish up version 1.8, or at least release a new snapshot, since between the last prerelase and now, they've added YAML support, and some of my fiendish plans involve use of YAML...