Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Curse You Nintendo!

metroid fusion is sitting on the table, taunting me, because for the past few days i've been stuck, right at the end, unable to proceed. i've got this suspicion that i've missed too many power ups, and i'm never going to be able to beat the final enemies...

that said, i do seem to be lasting longer against them, but still, it's getting frustrating...


  1. if you don't mind cheating and you're really frustrated, try hopping over to www.gamefaqs.com. i'm sure they'd have a full walkthrough of the game.

  2. oh, i broke down and found a walk through a while back, but i've only been using it when i was stuck, not religiously, so i've likely missed many things. unfortunately, at this point in the game, doors have locked behind me and i can no longer return to any part of the game where i could get more life containers (which is what i really need).

  3. bwahahaha! i destroyed metroid months ago. i don't remember it because i was loopy on celebrex, but still. i destroyed. i killed.

    and now kevin is monopolizing my GC to play gauntlet.