Tuesday, June 22, 2004

OSCON Presentation Progress

So I did a practice run for one of my OSCON presentations last night with some guys from work as my test audience. I think it went pretty well. I was pretty much on target for time, and that should improve with a few more practice runs.

I need to work on moving smoothly from one slide to the next as opposed to pausing, giving a summary of exactly what I just said, and then having to glance at the next slide to see what the hell I'm supposed to be talking about next. As I said, practice will help with that.

I also got some good pointers on what parts of the talk worked, what parts didn't, and what parts needed to be fleshed out more. I had a good mix of people who had been exposed to some of the subject matter before and people who had not, and everyone seemed ok with it, so I imagine it should work out well for the OSCON audience.

Now I just need to finish the other talk and give that a run through to knock out any bugs before sending the slides off to O'Reilly later this week.