Saturday, June 5, 2004

Some Random Stuff

Well, I'm finished moving into the new apartment, and I don't have some need-to-get-it-done-right-damn-now thing to do on the book, so I figure I might as well post something here.

No pictures of the new apartment yet, since I'm still quite a ways from actually unpacking all my stuff, but soon, I promise.

This article by chromatic struck a nerve. I'd kill to have an editor (and other associated people at the publisher) who wanted to work like that, as opposed to the refugees from microsoft-land I currently deal with.

Anyway, I'll have to try to buy him a beer at OSCON for preaching the gospel of using reasonable tools for producing technical books.

I'm positive there's something else I meant to mention once I got around to posting again, but it's totally slipped my mind, so until next time...


  1. Hey, I was just trying to make my life easier. Programmers are pretty good at making tools that deal with text. Why not exploit that when dealing with, well, text?

  2. Believe me, while that seems simple and obvious it's amazing the number of people who have trouble with the idea. I can't count the number of problems I've had with my book that could have been solved if the rest of the people working on it would just use the Subversion server I set up for it. I mean it isn't rocket science people. It's that much more ironic when you consider that the book is about version control software.