Sunday, May 15, 2005

Moved In

Well, after far too much unpacking, I'm mostly settled in my new apartment.

The moving guys showed up right on time yesterday morning, and with only a little trouble getting the box spring for my bed into the bedroom (it turns out there was one way to make it fit, but it took us about 5 tries to find it) the move went well. The appartment looks quite a bit better with stuff in it, and actually seems a bit larger than I'd expected, which is always a nice surprise.

I spent most of the rest of the day unpacking (18 bags of packing paper and about a 3 foot tall pile of flatened cardboard boxes at last count), with a brief pause in the afternoon to allow the cable guy to hook up my cable and network connection.

Anyway, so far the apartment is great, and it's nice to actually be moved in. There wasn't anything wrong with the temp apartment mind you, it's just that the whole "temporary" feeling gets kind of old after a while.

I've still got about a million and one things to do to get settled here, but at least the process has started, and that's the important thing.