Sunday, May 8, 2005

A Productive Weekend

I appear to have fallen out of the habit of updating my blog regularly. Lets try to summarize recent events...

  • O'Reilly put up the website for OSCON 2005, including the description of my talk about Backwards Compatibility in Open Source Projects. There are a ton of other cool talks scheduled as well, so if you can make it out to Portland for the conference you absolutely
  • I signed the lease on my new apartment. It's a 1 Bedroom on the second floor of a building at the Mansion Court complex in Santa Clara, just a few blocks from my temporary corporate housing. Tomorrow morning I'll call to schedule a time for the movers to show up with all my stuff, since right now the place is looking pretty empty.
  • In an effort to do something about the "this place looks pretty empty" problem I made a trip to IKEA today. I'd never actually been before, but it certainly lived up to expectations. I ended up picking up a bookcase, and I'll probably order another one via their website
    soon, since I'll need more space for books, and the size I really need won't fit in my car.
  • Since Chris recommended it, I picked up a copy of Mercury for the PSP, and it's been sucking down all my free time. Cool game though, if you've got a PSP you should absolutely pick it up.

Anyway, back to Mercury...