Sunday, June 5, 2005

Old Habits

So back when we were on co-op, Rob and I went to see a lot of movies.

You see, we didn't have air conditioning that summer, and it was really hot out, so we took any available excuse to go someplace that did have air conditioning, and the standard place was a movie theater.

So we saw lots of movies. Pretty much everything that came out that summer, which is impressive when you consider that it included such gems as Lake Placid (best giant gator movie ever!) and Deep Blue Sea (watch Samuel L. Jackson get bit in half by a giant superintelligent shark!). I had already been in the habit of seeing a lot of movies, but that summer really pushed me over the edge, into the "see anything and everything" neighborhood.

These days, I've got air conditioning, so I don't have the excuse anymore, but I still seem to see an awful lot of movies. Not quite up to my old level, but close. I still have staggeringly low standards.

This week's contribution, Lords of Dogtown turned out to be quite good, although now I'll have to go back and watch the original documentary, just out of curiosity.

I was particularly amused by the fact that I didn't put the name of one of the main characters together with the name of the skateboard company he founded until they mentioned it at the end, even though I actually remember my next door neighbor drooling over stuff that company made back when we were kids.

In any case, it's worth seeing.