Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Travel Plans

So I'm going to be spending way too much time in airports in the next few months...

Thursday night I take the redeye back home to MA for a friend's wedding. I'll be there until sunday afternoon at which point I return to CA.

Then, on tuesday I fly from CA to New Orleans, where I'll be filling in for Mark on a panel on RSS at Webmaster World. Then on thursday I head back to CA again. I've never been to New Orleans, so if anyone has any tips for what to do when I'm there please feel free to share them.

I've got a week or so on the ground, then I take the redeye back to MA again on July 1st. I'm at my parent's place on Cape Cod through July 5th, at which point I return to CA again.

Then, I've got a few weeks off, until I fly out to OSCON on August 2nd. I'll be presenting about Backwards Compatibility in Open Source Projects (note to self, write talk about backwards compatibility in open source projects) on the 3rd, then I fly back on saturday the 5th.

So far, that's about it, which is a good thing, since my credit card can't take much more of this ;-)


  1. When in New Orleans... drink. However, be careful of how far down Bourbon Street you go. The farther from the Marriot you go, the shadier it gets. Make sure to pick up Pat O'Brien's Hurricane mix and *definitely* go to Pat O'Brien's while you are there (it's on a side street to Rue Bourbon).
    House of Blues (French Quarter) is one of the better places to eat dinner. For authentic New Orleans breakfast, go to the out-of-the-way places that look like they are holes-in-the-wall. They server the best food. Just make sure your digestion can handle the grease content!

  2. i don't know much about the out of the way places in n'awlins, since i moved away from there when i was 10, and i don't remember where i used to drink there, but that's just 'cause i wasn't tall enough to see over the bar.
    and despite the fact that it's touristy, cafe du monde is a moral imperative.
    and naturally, let us know if you need a lift from the airport or anything...