Monday, October 31, 2005

The Problem With The West Coast

So I'll be the first to admit, there are a lot of great things about living on the west coast. I've got a cool job, this place is filled with incredibly cool computer geek stuff to do, it doesn't snow, and the list goes on. But none of that changes the fact that I just got an evite to Rob and Jessica's annual pre-thanksgiving get together, and I won't be able to go.

If/when I bail and head back to the east coast, it'll be because of things like this. I mean really, how can I be asked to pass up on like 10 different kinds of mashed potatoes for multiple years in a row?

Oh well, at least I'll be home for the week between giftmas and new years, that's something.


  1. We can send you some mashed potatoes. :)

  2. wow, i never thought of doing take-out/delivery. that would double our capabilities. any requests from the internets? don't forget to tip the delivery boy!

  3. hey guess what! Are you sitting down? Ready for the news?
    I'm going to be in the bay area in 2 weeks! I need to visit you!

  4. I can relate to some extent, the 12-hour round-trip drive is starting to wear on me already, even just living in NJ. It's actually made me re-think any plans to move out of the northeast any time soon. But maybe if you're good, we can revisit the mashed potatoes when you come for the holidays. ;) We miss you (but it was really good to see you at 3-to-3)! :)