Monday, November 7, 2005

Back From The Weekend

So I flew out to MA this weekend for my Dad's surprise birthday party. It was a total success, he didn't know that anything was happening until my sister showed up saturday morning, and she told him I couldn't make it, so when I showed up later that afternoon the surprise was complete.

I got to hang out with my relatives, which is always cool, and generally had a good time. It was kind of odd that it was like 70 degrees out (what the heck, it's November in MA for crying out loud!), but I did get to see actual autumn foliage, which I've missed being out in CA this year.

One odd thing, the flight from San Jose to Boston, which has been totally packed every single time I've taken it so far, had empty seats on both friday's flight out and sunday's flight back. Is this just a slow weekend or do people no longer want to fly from San Jose to Boston as much as they did when Jet Blue first started doing this particular route?