Sunday, February 26, 2006

Data Center Fun

So Paul, Justin, and I took a trip out to the colocation site that holds a bunch of the ASF servers today. We had to replace a failed hard drive in minotaur, the machine that hosts, do some operating system upgrades/installs for a few other systems, and a variety of other tweaks that required physical access to the machines.

Anyway, since I'm making an effort to actually take pictures these days, there is some photographic evidence on my Flickr account. Enjoy.

Oh, and predictably it appears that the serial console cable on the machine I installed Ubuntu on was jostled a bit as we were closing things up, cause I can't get into it now. And sshd wasn't installed as part of the default install, so now we can't get into it. Great. Looks like somebody's gonna be making another trip out there soon...