Monday, February 27, 2006

You Might Be A Winner

So a few months back, I got a random email from someone at saying that I had won a contest they were holding, and the prize was a copy of "Smofe and Smang", by Mike Doughty.

Now, I didn't actually remember entering a contest, but I did buy a t-shirt from them a while back, so I figured maybe I had entered and just forgotten about it. Anyway, I went on with my life, and about a month later I got another email from the asking for a mailing address to send it to. I replied, and forgot about it again. Up until they asked for an address I sort of figured it was a mistake or something.

Anyway, it showed up in the mail today, so I guess the whole thing really was legit.

It's pretty amusing, this is actually the first stuff by Doughty I ever heard, but I was never able to buy it because it hasn't been available for sale in years. Nice to finally have the actual album, considering that I've been listening to the mp3s since I was first introduced to his music by Ben ;-)