Monday, March 20, 2006

Blast from the Past

This year there are a number of friends of mine who are turning 30. As a result, we decided a while back that there needed to be a party. There were all sorts of grandiose plans of what to do, but in the end we finally just decided to go back to Troy and hang out for a weekend.

So on thursday night I flew out to Boston (it's actually cheaper to fly to Boston from San Jose than to fly to Albany from San Jose), crashed at my parent's place for a while, and then hooked up with James and Rob and drove up to Troy.

It was a wonderful trip back down memory lane. A few of the more memorable moments:

Not 5 minutes out the door of James and Rochelle's house Rob's car blows a tire, then when trying to remove it James manages to bend the wrench. It was seriously right out of one of our fun filled cross country road trips, although this time Rochelle was able to drive down and pick us up, which is quite a bit nicer than waiting for triple A.

Emily decided that in honor of St. Patrick's day it was necessary to paint the dining room of the house green. Very green.

A trip to crossgates on saturday for no really good reason, other than the lack of anything particularly exciting to do at the house.

We confirmed, once again, that Minh really shouldn't be allowed near the goldschlager, at least not that early in the evening anyway. I hope he got his clothes out of the freezer before he went home...

A number of remarkable appearances were put in by people who aren't usually around, and they were all in rare form. Greg R. making out various people he probably shouldn't be. Maloney proving that he still remembers all the words to the Humpty Dance. Jessica leading the crowd in doing the Electric Slide to NIN's Closer. James P. sleeping in the closet, which was probably the most comfortable place available in retrospect. Rob collecting a small crowd of antisocial people out on the front porch, despite the fact that it was incredibly cold out.

As Cara said, it was a remarkably accurate recreation of her freshman year, sans drama and generally a bit more fun for everyone.

So if you didn't make it out, you missed a great time. You can see some of the better pictures I took in this flickr set, although I did remove some of the less tasteful ones ;-)


  1. So, Minh and I got to my house and he threw his stuff in his car and came inside to veg for a bit and play some Mario Kart before he headed home. I asked him what he learned about Goldschlager this weekend and he said, with a big smile on his face, "That it's good!" He left and I was just about to hop in the shower when there was a knock on the door. It was Minh. With his bag. It smelled like cinnamon for some reason. Inside the bag was a busted bottle of Goldschlager. All his clothes were covered with little gold flakes and reeked of cinnamon. I took pictures, of course. :)
    The best part is that his car completely reeks of the stuff. Hope he doesn't get pulled over anytime soon.

  2. i prefer to think of the front porch crowd as not being so much 'antisocial' (well, except for me), but just social on a smaller scale.
    the tire's getting fixed right now...

  3. > although I did remove some of the less
    > tasteful ones
    Now why would you do a silly thing like that? And where can we find these less tasteful ones? :D

  4. I want to see the non-tasteful ones :-)