Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Camera Prices

So someone explain to me why all decent camera gear has a list price that's astronomical, but is actually sold for far less? I mean while I think it's nice that the Canon EOS 5D sells for just 3 grand instead of the 5 grand it lists at, but if every store on the planet sells it for 3 grand, why not just have it list at 3 grand?

(Yes, if you hadn't guessed, I've been spending far too much time looking at cameras and lenses and other assorted stuff recently, spending several days watching coworkers with way too many toys take pictures at the engineering offsite will do that to you...)


  1. My guess is:
    The producer of a good wants to be fair with resellers. Hence the producer cannot sell it cheaper than a reseller. The producer sets a list price and it is the producer retail price.

  2. This is totally off-topic, so please excuse, but: where did your fulltext go? :(

  3. I know in the sunglasses market, list price is about twice retailers cost. Sunglass Hut and the like sell at list price, smaller retailers sell at below list price - you're paying extra for the brand name, larger selection, etc.
    Also, artificially raising list price allows retailers to appear as though they're giving you a better deal.
    It kind of like when Best Buy puts iPods in their sales circular. They're not selling them any cheaper than anybody else, but they are technically on sale - where "on sale" means available for sale/purchase.

  4. Hmm. I wonder why my feeds aren't fulltext anymore... Will have to look into that.