Tuesday, May 30, 2006

self.location = Place("Onset, MA")

I think Rob did a better job describing our trip across the country than I ever could, so I'll just let you read his version.

I'm staying at my parent's place on Cape Cod now, so assuming there's enough advance notice that I have time to get there I'm now officially on the lookout for amusing things to do in the greater Boston area. Alternatively, if anyone's looking to hang out here at the beach, just let me know, I have no plans for most of the summer, so we can probably work something out ;-)

Today I set up my temporary office, and read some email, but I was mostly either recovering from the weekend's insanity and unpacking. Tomorrow I officially get to find out how this whole "working remotely" thing works. I mean I've done the "work from home" thing before, but that's always had the safety net of "I'll talk to you about it the next time we're both in the office", which is really less useful when the next time I'll be in the office is two months away...