Sunday, June 25, 2006

Damn Rain

So my Dad and I were all set to go see the Red Sox crush the Phillies today. We even made it in to Fenway and had time to have a hot dog, and right at that point the game was cancelled due to rain. It had actually mostly stopped at that point, but the field was apparently saturated, and the weather reports said that it would rain again later...

The game was rescheduled for tomorrow, but I've been procrastinating on a whole bunch of stuff to the point where there's no conceivable way for me to find the time to go.

In other news, Rob, Jessica and I have actually started looking at apartments.

They visited one in Newton today that looks quite nice, great location, right near the T, good parking, etc. Unfortunately, it's a bit overpriced for what you get, and the laundry in the basement is coin-op, which is pretty lame. It's still on our list of potential places, but we're hoping we can find something better.

We're going to look at another place in Newton tomorrow, and another on Thursday, and hopefully we'll be able to set up an appointment to visit a promising place in Brighton later this week.

It's nice to actually be making progress on this stuff, I mean I like Cape Cod, but I'm really looking forward to living closer to civilization, and it'll be nice to have roomates around again.

Anyway, back to polishing up my OSCON tutorial...