Sunday, October 15, 2006

ApacheCon US 2006 Wrappup

So, ApacheCon US 2006 is over. It was a hell of a good time, learned some stuff, met some people, got some work done, and just barely managed to avoid visiting Buffalo Billiards every single night we were in Austin ;-)

Here's the current status of the TODO list I had going in to the week:

- APR bugs and patches
- Got some of this done, although not as much work as I'd have liked.
- Abdera Extension API
- Basically proved that this isn't simple as long as we're using Axiom for our XML parsing, I think my next step will be to look at writing a parser back end that just depends on STaX, to see if it's possible to make something that works with arbitrary Element implementations for extension elements.
- Import the Wicket repository into SVN
- Done.
- Crazy lua project
- See for our current progress.
- Kill off the lucene4c project
- Called a vote on the list, everyone agrees, just need to pull the switch.
- Subversion 1.4.x backports
- Didn't get any of this done.
- Upgrade to Subversion 1.4.x
- Didn't get this done.

Other than those, here are a few of the high points of the week:

- Wrote a pre-commit hook that verifies that changes to the asf-authorization file are valid, so you can't accidentally break via a typo.
- Gave rphillips the abdera c++ code, so he could play with it. Not much progress there though.

I also went to a bunch of fantastic talks, gave a few that were reasonably well received, ate a lot of fantastic food, and generally had a great time. Now, onward to the Subversion Summit!