Friday, October 6, 2006

Things To Do At The ApacheCon US Hackathon Next Week

So, I figure if I write this stuff down here, I'm more likely to actually get some of it done. So far, here's what's on my TODO list for the hackathon next week:

1) Catch up on APR bugs and patches
2) Rewrite the Abdera extension API so that extensions don't need to know about the underlying parser implementation
3) Finish the import of the Wicket Subversion repository into the ASF's repos
4) Help Paul and Brian with their crazy lua in httpd project
5) Kill off the lucene4c project for good, it's been dormant practically forever and I'm tired of writing board reports every 3 months that say "No Activity"
6) Get a whole lot of stuff backported to the Subversion 1.4.x release branch so we can cut 1.4.1.
7) Maybe upgrade to Subversion 1.4.x.

Oh, and at some point in there I'll have to spend three hours giving a Subversion tutorial ;-)