Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Random Update

it's been a few days...

let's see, what's been happening.

work is hectic. training is almost over, but that means that they are just now hitting our part of the project, which means they've got all sorts of questions for me. on one hand, this is good because it means i get a good chance to see what these new people are like. on the other hand, it can be /so tiresome/ answering the same question over and over and over...

anyway, it's almost over, and i will be glad when it is.

yesterday we found out that out of the new class we got JATKINS, which is cool cause he's smart and he'll be working with me on some stuff. kan got DRUBIN, which is also cool because it means he'll be working with us as well.

tomorrow is the 6 flags trip, and i am so ready to just ride roller coasters all day, but first, more training...

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