Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Back To School... Sort Of.

so i just signed up for basic photography at norwalk community college. i've been wanting to get into photography for a while, and today on the way home from work i decided to stop just browsing around on photo.net and do it.

i guess this means i'll have to go out and get a real camera sometime soon. i've already talked to rob about it, and got way more in depth of an answer than i was really looking for, but if any of my other photography geek friends is reading and has some pointers on what to buy, i'd love to hear them.

(oh, at the moment, i'm planning on following the advice in building a 35mm slr system, since philip greenspun, while he can be a bit obnoxious with the 'hey, i made a ton of money writing web sites for people in the dot com boom days' thing, does seem to know what he's talking about an awful lot of the time. i'll probably go with either a low end canon, or a low end nikon, depending on which i like better.)