Monday, January 20, 2003

Good and Bad

well, i got my first two rolls of film from the new camera developed today.

first, the good: i did actually manage to take a few cool pictures. not many, but a few.

then, the bad: a large number of them came out too dark, a combination of it being kind of cloudy and me using the wrong speed film (hey, now i know the difference between 200 speed, which i used for the first roll, and 400 speed, which i used for the second). i also had a number that came out slightly blurred, i think from me jolting the camera as i took them. i'll have to work on that. lastly, i managed to take a number of pictures of smaller things (seagulls, squirrels, and so forth) that i really should have been closer for. i'll either have to get better at sneaking up on them, or buy a telephoto lense.

it's a learning experience though, and at least i came out with a few cool looking shots. i'll have to get access to a scanner of some sort so i can put them up online.