Monday, July 21, 2003

Ichthyology and Stuff

fishing was fun. even with the 'wake up at 2:30 in the morning to drive to the cape' part. we caught something like 17 striped bass and 30 something bluefish. of course, we could only keep 12 striped bass, but still, that's a lot of fish.

now, i'm tired. my arms are killing me, and i feel completely and totally dead.

in other news, ask finally put a version of the oscon movie up for download. unless you're reasonably well versed in the various personalities involved, you probably want to read the cheat sheet that explains all the in jokes. i got most of them without resorting to it, but that just proves i am totally lame and need to get a life.

blosxom hit 2.0 today, and along with the release has a new website. damn cool, as usual, and i'll have to see about upgrading from whatever beta version i'm currently running once i find some free time.

in otherer news, i have no free time.

i have a deadline next week for the book, and i'm not even close to done. well, i'm 'close' in that i almost have draft versions of the three chapters i'm supposed to send them. unfortunately, i'm not really almost done because as i've come closer to finishing them, i've realised exactly how much the drafts suck, and how much polishing they need. there are about a million things i've realized i left out, and i really need to find ways to work them in, or the other stuff i'm writing about just won't make any sense, and that doesn't even account for how much the writing itself sucks, since i haven't even had a chance to give it a second look, let alone anyone other than me. sigh. with luck, i'll be able to finish enough of it this week that i don't look like a totally incompetent loser when i send it off to martin next weekend, but we'll just have to wait and see.