Saturday, July 5, 2003

Made It

so i managed, despite my best efforts at kate's 4th of july party yesterday, to get on the plane and travel across the country to portland.

upon arrival at the airport, i (along with a gaggle of other geeks, notably casey west, and dr. bacchus) was greeted by schwern and co. * they were nice enough to give me a ride to the hotel, and even though the car was frighteningly full, we made it just fine. so far, portland seems nice enough, and this conference definately seems to be getting off on the right foot.

anyway, my laptop is telling me it's 3am east coast time, so i'm in desperate need of some sleep...

* i am such a bad person, and already forgot the name of the person who actually drove the car. this is especially bad because he was the one who wanted to find out more about subversion... oh well, i'm sure i'll see him around at some point.