Saturday, July 19, 2003

Too Many People Are Getting Married

so for anyone who is a part of my little circle of friends, you are no doubt already aware that too many people are getting married.

i was discussing this issue with my friend jessica this week, and she had the following brilliant observation on the number of single people around lately, which several people have encouraged me to share with the rest of the world:

We are a dwindling species.

Shouldn't there be some sort of federal law to protect us and help us to breed? :)

i just thought that was the funniest thing ever ;-)


  1. First I laughed in agreement.
    Then I went over the links and cried.

    It's a social disease, I swear. Is there any other explanation?

    Not that I'm not happy for all of them (of course) :-\

  2. OK, now I'm scared...

  3. I guess it takes Garrett pointing it out for me to realize that single people are becoming increasingly rare amongst my circle of friends. Man I'm getting old......