Thursday, September 23, 2004

Another Milestone

I just sent the final post-copy-edited chapter of the book back to my copy editor.

My copy editor is great, and the book is a hundred times better because of her, but I'm so glad that I'm done with this part of the process.

Getting a copy of a chapter back with a thousand little notes on it about things you need to fix is just so disheartening.

I recently saw a description of the process of writing a technical book as being similar to "Having your teeth pulled out with pliers, slowly, over the course of a year". It's been a bit more than a year for me, but other than that it's about right...


  1. I have a lot more respect for technical writters now. I've been working on a silly C++ article for what seems like forever. This process has been enough to make me never want to publish anything again.

  2. And you got irritated with me for correcting your awful spelling. :)

  3. Try being an editor sometime. Not only are you pulling the teeth of at least one author, you end up pulling your own in the process.