Sunday, September 19, 2004

mod_speedyfeed 0.04 - Works With Stock Apache2

So version 0.04 of mod_speedyfeed just hit the net.

Here's the appropriate entry from the CHANGES file:

* Fake up a status line so we can work with versions of Apache that do not have support in the core for the 226 status code.
* Work around the weird way APR-Util's XML code treats xml:lang attributes.
* Compare namespaces as well as element names when looking for the atom:entry and atom:modified elements.
* Added a configure script and makefile.

The big deal is that first bullet point. Justin Erenkrantz was nice enough to point out that even if Apache doesn't have support for the "226 IM Used" status code you can fake it up by manually setting the status_line in the request. This means you don't need to apply a patch to Apache to make use of this module.

I've also got a version of this up and running somewhere people can access it, so feel free to play around with sending various combinations of If-Modified-Since and A-IM to and let me know what you think.

Next on the TODO list is investigating adding support for more of rfc3229, either some of the other IM values (probably range) or the ETags/If-None-Match parts of the feed IM value.

(I am, of course, an idiot, and neglected to post the link to the tarball... You can grab the new version here.)