Thursday, September 16, 2004

mod_speedyfeed - RFC3229 Feed Support For Apache

So in an attempt to blow of some steam and relax a bit last night I started hacking on mod_speedyfeed, an Apache filter that implements some of the stuff Bob Wyman has been talking about for using a new "feed" instance manipulation method for rfc3229, specialized for serving up Atom feeds.

Yeah, I'm a weird guy, I code Apache modules to blow of steam, I'm willing to admit it.

The idea is that it's a filter that detects responses of an Atom content type, looks for the rfc3229 headers, and if they're there parses the XML and drops the unnecessary bits an pieces out of the feed.

So far it's not quite done, but it's showing signs of usefulness. I need to figure out a few issues regarding content length, date parsing, and then write some code to rip unnecessary entry elements out of the parsed XML, but that shouldn't take more than a few more hours over the next day or so.

And of course, by posting this I've ensured that I have to finish it or I'll sound like an idiot by talking about it to the whole internet and then not following through ;-)