Thursday, July 7, 2005

Interesting Changes...

So I noticed something interesting when I was at home over the weekend.

I've actually managed to reach the point where I can make reasonably intelligent comments about the Red Sox.

For those who think this isn't anything strange, let's just be clear, I am so far from being a sports person that it isn't even funny. I never payed attention to sports as a kid, and payed even less attention to them in college, but somehow in the past few years I managed to start caring, and now we can see the result, I've hit the point where I can comment about Fouke sucking lately and there's a reasonable chance that I actually know what I'm talking about.


I find it particularly ironic that this has happened just in time for me to move someplace where you can't actually see Red Sox games on TV without buying some extra special cable package...


  1. get the extra special package; it's horrible to miss games ;)

  2. making intelligent comments is hardly a prerequisite for talking baseball, particularly where it concerns the red sox. if there was some expectation of insightful discussion, sports radio wouldn't exist.
    for example: "foulke is a bum, and he should immediately be sent down to portland, or perhaps traded for oh, let's say, j.j. putz. hehehe. putz." see, it's easy. :P
    having said that, foulke has looked like crap, and has acted like a child the entire time, and it's about damn time something was done about it...

  3. You know what this means, don't you? You're obligated to get at least one piece of Sox apparel and venture to the stadium whenever the Sox are playing within, say, oh, 2 hours of you. When the game appears in hand, you must loudly start chanting "Let's Go Red Sox" in an attempt to drown out the home crowd. Do not be stifled by the catcalls and nasty looks of those sitting around you.
    I mean, this is what I plan on doing when the Sox play in Baltimore...
    ...and yes, I'm glad that they found something physically wrong with Foulke. I appreciate what he did last year and I will gladly buy the guy a beer, but he clearly couldn't do the job in his current (physical/mental) condition.

  4. As a rabid Red Sox fan who not only has the MLB Extra Innings package, but has watched almost every game so far this season, and is leaving for Baltimore in a few hours to watch the Red Sox play there... welcome to the nation!
    As for Foulke, well I was talking to Johnny from Burger King and he said Foulke sucked wicked hahd. (and if you catch that reference, you're probably spending too much time reading red sox articles ;-) )